Product and Premises Liability

 Injuries resulting from dangerous products and property conditions are common, including in Florida . These accidents are unwarranted and make the manufacturers and property owner negligent. Our experts in product and premises liability cases can handle varying associated accidents. We aim to help people who have fallen victim to such unnecessary accidents resulting from the utter negligence of property owners and manufacturers.

People are protected by the law from unsafe consumer products and hazardous properties. At, we assure our clients that we will aggressively pursue the responsible party for the damages they have brought upon the victims and seek fair compensation for the troubles.

Our product and premises liability services are vast and include the following:

  1. Defective Products
    Product manufacturers are expected to guarantee the safe usage of their products. Proper warnings and disclaimers should be placed to avoid troubles. But even these precautions cannot ensure total protection from liability because there is a great chance that out of the millions of their manufactured products, several of those will turn out defective and pose immediate harm to consumers.
    Our legal experts can help victims of defective products seek compensation from the expenses they sustained due to the incident. Furthermore, our legal expertise covers a variety of defective product cases, including:
    • Harmful dietary products and medications
    • Dangerous China-manufactured products
    • Defects in automobiles
    • Dangerous equipments such as: home generators and other power tools.
  2. Premises Liability
    It is the duty of property owners and managers to ensure the safety of the people who are using their establishment. Failure to conform to the state’s safety regulations make them liable for accidents and injuries resulting from their property’s dangerous conditions. If you or your loved one incurred injuries while inside or using another’s property, we can help you make them accountable for their negligence, which includes:
    • Slippery aisles, floors and other areas that do not have the necessary warning signs of the possibility of slip and fall injuries
    • Poorly maintained stairs, sidewalks and walkways
    • Frayed carpet or rugs that causes accidents
    • Inadequate security measures
    • Poorly maintained rides and attractions (for amusement and water parks)
  3. Cemetery Negligence

  4. Negligent Security

  5. Slip and Fall

  6. Fleet Phospho-Soda Kidney Injuries

  7. Amusement Park Accidents

Our team of Miami lawyers is also capable of handling cemetery negligence cases. Family whose loved ones were mistreated or misplaced in a cemetery must immediately seek legal action. Even in death, it is important to observe respect and for your loved ones to be treated with dignity. Negligence on the part of the cemetery owners should not be overlooked.

If you need help with you case, contact us not at for a free consultation. Our Miami lawyers are waiting to help you.