Cruise Ship Injury

Cruise ship and ocean liner vacations are expected to be fun, enjoyable and worthwhile. Yet no one can predict accidents, whether onboard or while touring ports of call. Injuries and even death can result from the dangerous conditions of these dream vacations. The owners of the ship can be held liable if found that the injuries are caused by their negligence or by the ship’s crew.

At, we have a team of Miami lawyers who can provide effective legal representation to those who have fallen victim to these sorts of accidents. Our mission is to pursue the party responsible and have them pay compensation for any expenses and damages incurred after the injuries.

We have extensive knowledge in handling cruise ships injury cases. Our years of expertise have allowed us to employ efficient strategies to aggressively handle any case, including injury claims resulting from a cruise ship accident.

The injuries that can result from vacation cruises vary greatly. We, at, however, are well-adjusted and greatly capable to any type of claims associated with cruise ships or ocean liners. Here is a list of common cruise ship injuries:

  • Sexual or physical assault from other passengers or crew members of the ship.
  • Medical negligence, which commonly occur when passengers disembark the ship at port of calls in other areas without enough arrangements for their medical care. Doctors without the right qualifications or medical paraphernalia to treat injured passengers are liable for improper treatment and misdiagnosis.
  • Slip and fall accidents especially on wet areas of the liner that do not have sufficient warning signs.
  • Accidents that happen while touring ports of call.
  • Accidents related to the use of the ship’s water slide and swimming pools.
  • Food poisoning resulting from contaminated food served by the cruise ship.

Cruise ship injury claims typically have a one-year statute of limitations. Because of this short period of time, victims are advised to obtain legal representation immediately. Our Miami lawyers can help you through the process and will work closely with you and ensure that you will receive the compensation you deserve.

We can also represent clients not originally from the state but whose injuries were sustained during the liner’s visit at Florida . Contact us now at for a free consultation and to learn more about your case.