Boats and Watercraft

Injuries can arise from boating and diving accidents. Whether the victim is using a personal water craft or chartering a boat, it is crucial to contact Miami lawyers who specialize in boat accidents. Here at, we have a team of boat accident lawyers who can help victims who suffered and sustained injuries from said accidents. We have broad experience in handling these types of cases regardless of what boat or watercraft was used, which include:

  • Private boatsIn this instance, the operator the private boat can be held liable for the safety of his or her passengers. Our lawyers at are extremely capable of defending the rights of private boat accident victims who have sustained injuries from boat collisions or abutments and being thrown overboard.
  • Ferries and charter boatsThe owners and captains of commercial boats are highly responsible for their passengers. They can be pursued in court for any injuries sustained by the victims while using the ferries or chartered boat.
  • Personal boatsCollisions and accidents involving another watercraft must be paid immediate attention. Our lawyers are experienced in handling these types of cases and insure that the party responsible for the negligence will be pursued for full and just compensation.
  • Accidents in the dock or marinaSlip and fall injuries are common in dock and marina areas. These sorts of injury should not be taken lightly as they can cause more serious health risks. We can provide representation to victims of negligent owners of the dock as well as other accidents associated with the area.
  • Drunk boatingIt is considered a criminal offense to operate a boat or any watercraft while under the influence of alcohol. This can severely threaten the safety of the passengers. Our Miami lawyers are skilled in defending our clients from the negligent actions of the boat operator involved in the incident.
  • Diving accidentsVictims who have sustained injuries while diving due to the negligent or intentional actions of others can seek our help to pursue compensation. Propeller accidents or the operator’s blatant disregard for dive flags can all threaten the safety of the divers. We can provide effective legal representation for the victims of these accidents.

The compensation from boats and watercraft accident are chased to cover the victim’s medical expenses, lost wages and future lost earnings. Pain, suffering and other emotional damages sustained due to the injuries are also considered.If you or a loved one has fallen victim to any boat or watercraft accident, contact us now at for a free consultation.